Arabic update II

It has been 6 weeks now since I started. I learned some 400 words until now. Which is a steady 10 word increase a day. That’s not bad. I kind of finished the kullu tamam book already. The book we study from. That means that I basically understand the fundamentals of the grammar. Now I’m generally focused on reading and listing. The exams are coming soon. Just 2 weeks left. I’m not scared for the exams of Arabic but I’m for the history class.

The pace in the lessons is a little bit slow. And they encourage us to talk from day one on but I actually prefer to take time to understand the language better before I start speaking. I also want to take some time to understand the inner logic of the language.

What concerns the grammar, as I said the grammar is very straight forward and it actually surprised my. For now it even seems easier than Turkish. The word order is a bit like English. The only hard part (that I came across until now) is the irregularity of the nouns in the plural form. They randomly get other vowels. For example kitab means book and katab means books. So it’s needed to learn the plural form of every noun separately whenever you learn a new word. But now that I finished the basic grammar, now the real learning begins.

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