Arabic update IV

The exams passed and the results are acceptable. But I’m not so satisfied with my progress in general. The funny thing is I know virtually all the grammar and I’m learning more and more new words but when they talk I can’t understand anything. I don’t really understand what the problem is. I have trouble understanding them whenever they merge words together and pronounce them as one word. But I noticed one thing. It can be helpful to listen to Egyptian Arabic and read along with the latin transcription instead of the Arabic transcription. I used to read along with the Arabic transcription but it doesn’t show the vowels and I can’t read so fast that’s why it might be better for me to read along with the latin written transcription. The most important thing for me now is to keep my motivation up and keep trying new things or methods.

I’m having one more problem as well, Arabic language is not my only course, I have some other courses as well, more general courses, and I get stress and homework from them too. Therefore I’m not able to study as much Arabic as I wish to. I will not have any Arabic lessons in January. They will continue on from February. More updates to come in February.

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