New project: Easy Dutch

Easy Languages is a very exciting project and I’m lucky enough to participate in it. It’s subdivided into Easy German, Easy French etc. The first episode of Easy Dutch is available on youtube. We have already filmed our second episode. It will come out in 10 days approximately. The project is generally seen as streetinterviews to learn the language of the country. But there’s more to it actually. It’s a way to get an impression of the people and the cultures of other countries. It’s additionally possible to learn the language by using the in depth subtitles.

Filming, finding the right people is hard but the editing and subtitle production is even more time consuming. That’s of course the least fun part and can be frustrating when you have a deadline.

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  1. Hi Tim!
    Thank you for leading this new Dutch section on Youtube. It was my dream to watch episodes about Dutch language on the Easy Languages channel since I was learning German with the help of this wonderful project. Your team has made amazing videos so far! Well done!

    It is fascinating how you can combine studies at the University of Amsterdam and making such cool videos on Youtube!

    P.S. as a suggestion for the future development of your project, you can subdivide some videos on your channel into categories according to the language level like videos for beginners, people with B1, B2 etc. You can discuss more complicated topics with the Dutch such as politics or science and publish them into these sections for advanced users of the language. It would be really helpful.

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