Started learning Arabic

The moment I have been waiting for is getting closer to become reality. The university will open their doors on the first of September. I decided to study already a bit beforehand to get a feeling of what I will study when the university starts.

I started mostly with the script. I was already familiar with it, but just with the one that is used on the internet, not the one that is used to write something down. Also I was not familiar with the signs to indicate the vowels, as, in Arabic, generally only the consonant are being written down, without the vowels.

I am feeling confident for the moment because while taking a glance in the textbook, I noticed that I already know quite a few words from Turkish. As Turkish has great amount of Arabic lexicon in the language. Some of the words that I found being the same in Turkish:

هَدِيّة hadiya meaning “gift, present”
نَهْر nahr meaning “river”
دين din meaning “religion”
مُهَنْدِس mühendis meaning “engineer”
كَلِمة kelima meaning “word”

And also most of the words that have something to do with religion are the same, but that’s kind of obvious. Most words are not the same, of course. But still it feels great the know that I know already something, at least. More updates coming soon.

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