Turkish C1 certificate obtained !

Hello everybody,

I have some wonderful news. There is this “TYS” exam, similar to TOEFL or IELS for English but this one is for Turkish, I did the exam without any preparation and I received C1 level.

I must also say, that it was the most fun exam I ever did. The people working there were very friendly and they gave me free tea. The exam itself was certainly not easy. Especially the listing part. I had to listen to something for maybe 5 minutes and answer 8 questions at once after the audio stopped. The questions were very detailed and I had to remember virtually everything they said.

For now I got the results just online, my certificate is being made in Ankara. They will send the official document to Amsterdam, where I will be able to pick up my document. I will share some pictures after receiving the certificate. Update: I received the document a few days ago.

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