Arabic update V

Hello everybody! It has been a year already since I started learning Arabic. I posted a story on instagram of my progress. The stories are a part of a Arabic lesson I had.

I tried a new method and the results have been satisfying for now. I learnt from making subtitles that it´ s actually a great method to practice a language. So I decided to watch some videos in Arabic and write a transcript for myself. When writing a transcript you really have to listen to every word that´ s being said in the video. The results have been great, I have learnt some new words as well.

I think I can finally say that I´ m gaining some traction. I understand more and I know how to express myself better. I took a book that I read some months ago. At first this book was very hard for me and I couldn’t understand the book without the English translation, but now, when I take the book, I get through the pages fairly quickly without the need to go and look up words or even the translation.

More updates to come.

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