Arabic update III

Welcome to a new post. The exams passed and I did alright. I got a 8 out of 10 for my exam Arabic. But actually I don’t measure my progress by comparing my notes because I understand that those notes don’t represent my actually level of Arabic.

The grammar of Egyptian Arabic is so easy it’s unbelievable, no cases like Russian, no confusing word order like Turkish. Maybe the broken plural yes but that’s just a matter of experience. I think that I can say that I understand 80/90% of the necessary grammar.

Concerning vocabulary, I just passed the 800 flashcards today so that means that I know around 800 words. It needs to be at least 2000 to be able to hold a basic conversation. Here are my Anki stats:

Concerning reading, yesterday I read a five paged short story and I finished it the same day. That was a great achievement, because I used to read only one or two pages a day. I will try to continue in this pace. It’s true that you don’t know how to pronounce a word just by looking at it because they don’t write the vowels, but I think that it’s the same with Russian. In Russian every word has its own stress and you don’t know where it is. Therefore you can’t understand from the writing how it pronounces.

The hardest part for now is listing.. They talk so fast and theres close to none material for beginners. They pronounce two or three words together as one and its hard for me to distinguish the words. For now it feels kind of demotivating and desperate.

More updates to come.

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